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世界花藝比賽特別賞 HONARABLE Prize of World Li’cren Flower Competition 2024

感恩能夠在 日本立川市 #國營昭和紀念公園 舉行的 #第16屆世界麗乾花大賽 榮獲殿獎。

今次參加國家包括日本、中國、德國、匈牙利、以色列、韓國、俄羅斯、台灣、愛沙尼亞、烏克蘭等。我非常榮獲第四名-特別獎。特別感謝一直以來給予我很多指導的 #佐々木 老師的指導:總結了我10年押花的12個國際獎:

1) 2015 韓國高陽市年度花展押花大賽榮譽獎

2)2017獲 #美國費城年度花展 @philadelphiaflowershow 押花報導榮譽獎

3) 2017世界麗乾花大賽 L‘écrin Flower Art作品賞


5) 2018世界麗乾花大賽佳作奬

6). 2020 191屆 美國費城年度花展 押花冠軍獎 “Lunch in a piazza”

7) 2022 193屆美國獲費城年度花展押花報導榮譽獎

8) 2023 194屆美國費城年度花展第三名及彩帶獎

9) 2023 194屆美國費城年度花展 藍色班級表彰彩帶

10) 2024 195屆美國費城年度花展藍色班級表彰彩帶

11)2024 195屆 美國費城年度花展報導榮譽獎

12) 2024 16屆世界麗乾花大賽 殿軍

立川市教育委員會賞 特別賞


今次我的得獎作品-作品名: 想你


立川市教育委員會教育長 #栗原寬 先生公佈頒贈

Guests : 世界押花藝術協會主席 #杉野宣雄 日本著名設計師 #仁木洋子 歌手 #白井貴子 支持的好友 Lisa 、華女姐及Dee哥

I am deeply grateful for receiving the Fourth Place and Honorable Award ( #日本 #立川市教育委員会賞 特別賞 ) in the 16th World L'écrin Flower Contest held at the National Showa Memorial Park #国営昭和記念公園 in Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan. The award was presented to me graciously by Mr. Hiroshi Kurihara #栗原寛, #立川市教育委員会 教育長, the Director of Education for the Tachikawa City Board of Education.

This prestigious competition gathered participants from various countries, including Japan, China, Germany, Hungary, Israel, South Korea, Russia, Taiwan, Estonia, Ukraine, and more. Being acknowledged for this achievement fills me with great honor.

This award holds deep significance for me as it represents my unwavering dedication and accomplishments in the art of dried flower arrangement. It showcases my passion for floral art and the collaboration I have had with diverse cultures on a global scale. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all my supporters who have played a pivotal role in my journey.

This marks my twelfth international award in the past decade, including the first prize I received at The Philadelphia Flower Show in 2020. The artwork that earned me this recognition was titled "Lunch in the Piazza - Enchanting Eiffel Tower of Paris." It was an honor for it to be featured in my book and endorsed by Mr Alexandre Giorgini , the former Consul General of France in Hong Kong.

 . It would be my utmost pleasure to share my award-winning piece titled "君は僕の心" (Heart's Embrace) and the captivating beauty of dried flower arrangements with you and your friends

My award-winning work: Title: « Heart's Embrace »

Exhibition 12-14/4/24

World Flower Exhibition at the Flower & Green Cultural Centre in Showa Kinen Park in Tachikawa

Presentation ceremony:11/4/24

Certificate and medal

Presentation by Mr. Hiroshi Kurihara, Director of the Education Commission in Tachikawa City

Supporting : President of the World Pressed Flower Art Association, Mr. Nobuo Sugino, Renowned Japanese designer, Ms. Yoko Niki ; Singer, #takakoshirai

Japanese friends Lisa and Hua-nee and Dee hk


写真1/5/10:私の受賞作品 : #君は僕の心


立川市教育委員会の #栗原寛 氏による発表

ゲスト: 世界押し花アート協会の会長、杉野宣雄氏:日本の著名デザイナー、仁木洋子氏/歌手、 白井貴子


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 立川市教育委員會教育長 #栗原寬 先生公佈頒贈 Presentation by Mr. Hiroshi Kurihara, Director of the Education Commission in Tachikawa City

立川市教育委員会の #栗原寛 氏による発表

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