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《盼望的緣份》- 陳百強


The book highlights the artistic talent of Dr. Serina Ha in flower art. Her artwork features purple color tone and includes Pressed Flower Art, Licren Flower Art, and the Japanese traditional Sogetsu Flower Art. At the 2020 Philadelphia Flower Show, Dr. Ha's pressed flower art "The Lunch in the Piazza - I Love Paris" won the First Prize Award, and in 2023 she also won the Third Prize and Blue Ribbon Award with her art "Rhythm and Harmony" at the same event in USA.


第三本作品:《盼望的緣份》 推出日期:19/7/23 香港書展2023

首本作品:《花的世界無限可能》 (7/2020) 第二本作品:《大自然之廻響》(7/2021)

Dr Serina Ha

Third book : Danny Chan - Forever My Love Date of release : 19/7/23 HK Book Fair

First book : Chances to Possibilities (7/20 HK Book Fair)

Second Book : The Echo of Nature (7/21 HK Book Fair)

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